California Bovine Tickborne Disease Surveillance

Cows in the fieldGoals:

A comprehensive survey of the prevalence and distribution of bovine tickborne diseases and tick species does not exist for cattle in California. Our program is aimed at developing an easily accessible web-based tool that livestock health investigators and the cattle industry can use to analyze and predict the occurrence of important tick borne diseases within the state.


Services Available:
  • Identification of tick species collected in the field
  • Testing of blood or tick samples for Anaplasmosis (both A. phagocytophilum and A. marginale)
  • Testing of ticks for the putative agent of Epizootic Bovine Abortion
  • Creation of an interactive, web-based map defining tickborne disease risk for cattle throughout the state.


How Can Cattle Producers Become Involved?:

  • Blood or tick samples can be sent by mail to our laboratory for analysis
  • We are available by telephone Monday through Friday to answer tick borne disease related questions.


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California Bovine Tick-borne Disease Surveillance Program
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