By-Laws and Other Resources

The DE shall be governed by bylaws that will be used to direct the administration of the DE, and define the requirements for both student and faculty participation in the program. The bylaws were prepared as outlined in the Bylaws Guidelines for Graduate Programs – Departmentally based Graduate Programs, Graduate Groups and Designated Emphasis Programs.


In order to initiate the DE on Biology of Vector-borne Diseases no additional resources are required since participating faculty are currently responsible for curricular requirements:

  1. the core course ENT/PHR 214
  2. courses and seminars on vector-borne diseases and related areas.


Stipends of current students are covered by participating faculty home departments and by federal and other research grants of faculty. Further funding will be requested from the NIH (training grant) which requires that this DE first be approved and in place before proposal submission. Facilities and other resources for students are provided by departments and the Center for Vector-borne Diseases. The DE will be reviewed by the Graduate Council five years after the first cohort of students is admitted into the program. Thereafter, the program will be reviewed by Graduate Council on the periodic 7-year cycle. The "sunset clause" will be reset at the end of each successful review by Graduate Council.