Admissions Criteria

Prior to taking the Ph.D. qualifying examination of his/her degree program, a graduate student in good standing in a relevant affiliated program must declare an interest in the DEBVD program and be admitted by unanimous decision of the Executive Committee. Specific criteria to determine whether students will be admitted to the DE include:


  1. Agreement to take the DEBVD required course and two elective courses/seminars approved by the Executive Committee.
  2. The student will agree to participate in the annual DEBVD student competition by presenting a poster of his/her research results. Interest in the DEBVD should be declared as soon as possible after graduate admission so that the student can complete the DEBVD requirements in the appropriate time frame of the affiliated graduate program.
  3. Impact on normative time to degree in affiliated Ph.D. programs: The time required to satisfy the requirements of the DEBVD should not substantially affect the time taken to complete the affiliated Ph.D. degree since it is anticipated that most of the courses required for the DEBVD will serve to fulfill concurrently the course requirements of the affiliated graduate program. It is anticipated that the DEBVD course requirements will constitute no more than 3 of the courses required of their affiliated program but will vary depending on the course requirements of the affiliated graduate program.
  4. Appointment of the faculty to the Qualifying Examination and Dissertation Committees: The Executive Committee, in consultation with the Chair of the students’ Ph.D. program, will recommend at least one DEBVD faculty member to the Dean of Graduate Studies for appointment to the students’ Qualifying Examination and Dissertation Committees. The same faculty member may sit on both committees or two different faculty members of the DEBVD may be recommended. It is recommended that, and in the usual case, the major professor would be a member of the affiliated graduate program as well as the DEBVD program.
  5. Examination requirements: The Ph.D. qualifying examination shall include examination of a general understanding of biology of vector-borne diseases and an in depth comprehension of the specialty area of the affiliated graduate program. At least one faculty member of the designated emphasis shall participate in the qualifying examination. Satisfactory performance on the qualifying examination for the Ph.D. will be judged independently from performance on the designated emphasis portion of the examination.
  6. Dissertation requirements: The dissertation topic shall focus on research appropriate to the academic focus of the DE. The dissertation committee shall include at least one faculty member of the DE.
  7. Degree conferral process: The DE will be awarded solely in conjunction with the Ph.D. and will be signified by the degree designation Ph.D. in X with Emphasis in the Biology of Vector-borne Diseases, where X is one of the affiliated graduate programs.